Best Ways to Improve Your Freelance Writing

by John Soares on November 29, 2011

As many of you know, I dish out plenty of advice on how to get your writing done faster and better over at my blog. In this post I feature the best PW articles that will make the biggest difference in helping you get your textbook supplements projects done quickly and well. Each post has lots of good info, but be sure to read the comments: you’ll learn even more from my many smart readers. And if you like any of these posts, please share them on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Let’s go…

Writing Faster

Want to get that test bank or instructor’s manual done sooner? Then check out Write Faster: 12 Top Tips for Freelance Writers for the best ways to get those fingers flying faster — while you create quality content.

Enjoying Writing

Want more fun while you’re gettin’ it done? Read 8 Ways to Increase the Joy of Writing  to find out how.

Time Management

Increased productivity is crucial to your success. In Top Time Management Techniques for Freelance Writers I share the best tips for doing it.

Read Faster

In this next post I expand on one of those time management techniques. When you learn the Top Speed Reading Techniques to Boost Your Productivity you’ll be able to read those textbook chapters much faster, which means you’ll save a lot of time and make more money per hour of work.

Edit as You Write?

Many writing experts say that you should write first and edit later. But in Should You Edit As You Write? I confess that I almost always write and edit at the same time. So do most of the people who left comments on the post.

Writing Ergonomics

Finally, a healthy writer is a happier writer. In Writing Ergonomics: Top Tips for Proper Posture, Alignment, and Movement I examine what the experts tell us about how we should hold align and move our bodies when we sit at the computer.

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